We are a family owned business where all of our solid wood products are handcrafted in the heart of Texas. Everyone who works at CVBC takes pride in what they create.

Cedar Valley Box Company is making American jobs and using American materials.

Plus we stand by our products and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers.

Yes, our woodworking facility has the ability to create many products and styles. We also have a laser engraver for adding text and clip art to your family’s piece.
A laser engraver / cutter is a computer controller machine that can etch and cut a variety of materials. We use Corel Draw to create images (text and clip art) that can then be used by the laser computer to process these images on to the final product. This equipment, plus the software, gives us the ability to build your family a one-of-a-kind creation.
A Keepsake Urn is a small container that holds part of a family member’s cremains.

Keepsake Urns may be used by multiple family members to share the memory of a loved one.

Standard human urns are about 200 cubic inches.

Pet urn sizes are normally determined by the size/weight of the pet. Normally 1 pound equals 1 cubic inch. So a 35 pound pet would need a 35 cubic inch urn or larger.

Most small orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and it normally takes 2-3 days to receive an item.

Larger orders are shipped via UPS and delivery time will vary depending on distance from Texas.

Texas orders may be received the next day, and cross country deliveries may take 4-5 business days.

Most standard orders are filled in one business day, laser engraving normally takes one business day to complete; and custom orders are normally filled within one business week.

Any customer who is not satisfied with the quality of their order may return the item for a full refund. Refunds will be given as soon as the product is received by us.
Cedar Valley Box Company sells directly to families, stores, distributors, wholesalers, crematories, funeral homes, and other corporations and non-profit groups.
Any group that purchases our products on a regular basis may qualify for discounted pricing.

We will be pleased to discuss volume discounts with your organization be it 12 items per month or a 1,000. Please be in contact with us to discuss your organization’s needs.

Contract manufacturing is a business relationship where Cedar Valley Box Company builds a specific product for a client. This item, or these items, can be created by the client or we can create them. These products can be custom tailored to the needs of the client.

These contracts can be on a one time basis or set to be a recurring production over years.

It is our belief that our company has grown because we provide high quality products; excellent service; and exceptional value to our customers. All of us a Cedar Valley Box Company understand that it is only through timely fulfillment of our commitments to our clients what we can build a mutually beneficial relationship. It is our desire to work with quality clients and to grow that relationship.